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Given the overall quality of our service, we continue to get positive feedback from clients in California, Connecticut, Florida, and the New York Tri-State area. See what some of them have to say about Baby Uber Group.

Cheryl achieves her goal by being diligent, loving caring and understanding your baby's need. She is well respected by her clients all over the country and even international. She is like a super hero for babies.

- Baby Uber Group client

Cheryl Killett is simply incredible. She put our now 7 month old on a terrific sleep schedule in the early days and got him sleeping through the night at 4 months! 7 months later, he still does. 7pm-7am!

Her warm and considerate disposition makes her a pleasure to be around. We didn't want her to leave! Neither did our son!

Highly recommended!

(Ps he wakes up at 5:45 now...... )

- Sarah Self

I do not believe in having babies without Cheryl.  When I got pregnant for the third time, I called Cheryl to tell her before I called my husband.  I had to make sure she was available to come help us!  Cheryl is incredible at her job and makes a confusing and exhausting time, feel warm, fun, and happy.  She is so reassuring and she knows everything about babies!  I wanted to break all the sleep training rules on night one but Cheryl helped me power through until all my babies were sleeping 7-7 with great naps during the day.  Cheryl taught me that sleep begets sleep and that most of the “behavioral” problems in kids are really just because they are too tired.  All three of my children (who are now 1 1/2, 3, and 4 1/2) still sleep from 7:30 to 7.  Thanks to Cheryl, they know they can count on a nightly ritual, but then it’s their job to slow themselves down and fall asleep by themselves.  And because they sleep so much, they're generally really happy, energetic kids.  (Now if only Cheryl would open a business teaching kids how to keep their butts in seats during dinner….)  I could write a whole book about how much I love Cheryl, my "baby mama" as I call her, but suffice it to say, if you are lucky enough to get Cheryl to come stay with you, you are blessed!

Dana Fox

Cheryl was amazing with our twins! She stayed with us for 4 months and by the time she left they were on a consistent schedule and were sleeping through the night. She has a great sense of humor and was a joy to have around. Even our older two kids were sad when she left. To this day, I feel so grateful we had Cheryl there to help through those very difficult first few months.

Brooke Fisch

Cheryl came highly recommended by a number of family friends and after having her join us when our daughter was born I completely understand why.  From the moment she arrived, I knew we had made the right decision. As first time parents we were completely clueless and Cheryl was a lifesaver. She taught us how to do everything from change a diaper and give a bath to swaddling and packing her diaper bag.  We felt so at ease with Cheryl which is amazing as new parents. We learned what the different cries mean and how to figure out what was upsetting our baby girl.

Aside from all the knowledge we gained from Cheryl, one of the most amazing things she did was to help us get on a schedule. It worked so well that our daughter was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks! There's no way we could have gotten to that milestone so early without Cheryl's help.

By the time Cheryl left we felt prepared to tackle all of the unknowns that were bound to come our way.  To this day, whenever my husband and I run into a new challenge with our daughter we ask each other, "what would Cheryl do?"

Cheryl became part of our family and I have been singing her praises from the minute she arrived. I would recommend her (and have) to everyone I know!

Jamie Seltzer