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Baby Uber Group

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Meet Our Founder

Cheryl Killett Cooper has been a baby nurse for well over 18 years. But she is, first and foremost, a mother and a grandmother. Clients call her “the baby whisperer” because she knows her way with infants.

Over the course of her career, Cheryl has served more than 100 families in the New York metropolitan area, Connecticut, California and Florida. Her work covers preparing a great sleep schedule and helping parents bring their newborn baby home from the hospital, among others. In all, she has more than 24 years of experience.

She has a certificate in infant care and in child care and development. In addition, she is a certified doula, as well as a certified sleep consultant from Heart Beat Institution in Manhattan, New York.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach as many mothers in need of help or guidance as quickly as possible. This is the reason we’re called Baby Uber Group. Hiring us almost feels like calling an Uber taxi.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to make motherhood a great experience. We make this possible by sending you experienced, caring, and professional baby nurses.